Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to the new and exciting

Loyalty Rewards from Gamut 3D

We have a huge amount of customers who are more than happy with their purchase of targets from us and they are returning time and time again for yet more targets

Our customers tell us that they have many reasons for returning

Lifelike Targets that look great on the course

Durable Targets that are lasting brilliantly and they have no joints like those that have broken on all their other targets

Superb Value

Our always in Stock promise, unbeatable by any other UK 3D Target supplier

The targets you want, always available, and guaranteed delivery of any target within 7 days*

We want to reward our loyal and growing customer base for their loyalty and the purchase of our targets, so we are introducing from today, the Gamut 3D Loyalty Rewards Scheme

How do Gamut 3D Loyalty Points work ?

Every time you buy any target from Gamut 3D your own personal or club account will be credited with the Gamut Loyalty Reward value for the target that you have bought

Every 3d field archery target will have a Loyalty Rewards value stated next to the price online, this value will automatically be credited to your account

You can view how much Loyalty Rewards that you have available at any time when you log into your account

You can redeem your loyalty rewards at anytime to buy any target that you want, you can mix and match £ and points to buy targets

If you purchase targets from us at a shoot, or at a Champs display we will have to do things slightly differently

If you are a new customer we will set up your account and add the value of your Loyalty Reward for you when we get back to the office and we will email you your log on details once that is done

If you are an existing customer then we will credit your account with your Loyalty Rewards value when we return to the office, then email you to let you know your new balance

If you want to use your points to purchase from us at a shoot or display, then we can do that at the time only if we have Internet access, that is dependent on mobile phone signal available at the time, if we don’t have Internet access then all adjustments to your Loyalty Rewards will be made when we return to the office

If you know you are going to purchase targets from us at a shoot or Champs then drop us an email the week before the event, and we can have your Loyalty Rewards balance with us, as well as making sure that the target you want is packed in, with 109 different targets we simply cannot bring every target with us to every shoot

**You can also ask that your loyalty rewards value be donated to another registered user, for example you may have purchased targets for your personal use but you want to gift your points to your club**

**You can buddy up with other individuals or clubs and amalgamate your Loyalty Rewards values to purchase targets between yourselves**


* excludes bank holidays, weekends, Christmas / New Year Holidays*

**At the moment these facilities requires that you email us at Gamut Points to amalgamate or transfer Loyalty Rewards, but we are working on that**