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Gamut 3D are the Proud Exclusive Distributors of LG 3D Field Archery Targets in the UK

Currently all our couriers are operating as usual but are dealing with higher than normal amount of UK deliveries, because of this a small amount of time might be added to the delivery times on the website

Hope you are all safe and will continue to be so, keep smiling

The range of 3D targets is the largest in Field Archery with over 140 different 3D Targets to choose from, all of which are always in stock. All moulds for the 3D Targets are created by a master taxidermist which ensures true life like appearance and the use of high quality materials ensures durability and a long life for all bows and weather conditions

For our special offers such as our 4 for 3 offer or 10% discount please see the offers tab above for more details

We also benefit from low postage rates, especially if targets are combined with delivery times within either 3 or 15 working days

The 2020 Gamut 3D Target Catalogue of our whole range of 3D Field Archery Targets is available for download at the bottom of this homepage

We haven’t taken the route with claiming that we ‘have the best 3D Targets’ instead we prefer letting you decide by viewing the video or reading the reviews by just a few of our customers, if interested these can be found on the reviews tab above

All targets are approved by both IFAA and World Archery rules and regulationshis

3D Targets

Our 3D Archery Targets are made of the highest quality materials, with moulds created by Master Taxidermist Gerhard Leitold, we cannot find better all round targets

Robust and durable with true life-like appearance, absolutely weather resistant and great value for money

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4 for 3 Offer

Gamut 3D has always been about selling the best 3D Field Archery Targets that we can stock and giving our archers the very best value

Now you can save even more with Gamut 3D FREE 3D Archery Targets,  buy any 3 and get the 4th 3D Target for Free

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2D Faces

All of our 2D Faces are 100% full size pictures of our 3D Targets.  Printed on high qualilty banner material and are weather proof, and very long lasting, 

These are the perfect option for practice and competition use for shooting 3D Targets at a fraction of the cost

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Stock & Delivery

All of our targets are available direct from our stock

Every 3D Archery Target we sell is in stock,  guaranteed.  We believe that no other UK Supplier can make that promise

Now you can get that 3D Target that you really want, rather than selecting from a very limited range of what other suppliers may have in their store

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