Gamut is an old English word meaning A total collection or range

Our Gamut is the total range of 3D Field Archery Targets from LG, the company that we consider to be the best 3D archery targets manufacturer in Europe, these targets are all robust, incredibly realistic, superb high quality and are all competitively priced

The 3D field archery targets from LG have been used (and are being used again) in the European 3D Field Archery Championships

Gamut 3D is very proud to tell you that we are the exclusive importer and distributor of LG Targets in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, so if you want genuine LG field archery 3D targets now you know where to come to, just contact us for more information

Many NFAS, EFAA and other Field Archers and Clubs know that we have been involved in UK and European Field Archery for over 20 years, during those years we have built a great reputation shooting and setting a huge amount of courses, from that experience course setting and evaluating how different 3D targets look, perform and last we know what makes a good target and what makes a great target. From all that we choose LG 3D Field Archery Targets for design, range, quality and price, we think that they are simply unbeatable

LG 3D Targets are designed, detailed and moulded by Gerhard Leitold a master taxidermist of international renown and reputation who started designing and manufacturing 3D targets after his son found field archery many years ago in Austria. As a top taxidermist he really understands what a target should look like, stand like and this shows in all the LG 3D Targets, manufacture is in house at LG and the quality is maintained to the highest level

All of the LG 3D Archery Targets are always in stock at Gamut 3D, that means that all of our great 3D targets are always available with no silly waiting times, all deliveries to you are within 3 and 15 working days from payment

To quote another major archery 3D target suppliers website A few of these Models of 3D are still in Stock. Ask for a quote on price and delivery for other Models. (We are arranging another shipment in the meanwhile.)

We are full NFAS members, many of you archers and clubs know us personally and we do want to come and shoot as many courses as possible in 2021, so we can both shoot your field course and also show our 3dtargets at as many shoots as possible