Strutting Turkey 3D Field Archery Target

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Strutting Turkey with replaceable kill section

Just for those archers who want replaceable centres because they are accurate and knock out kill zones over time

This 3D Turkey Target not only looks great but will outlast any other 3D Turkey on the market

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The all new line of 3D Targets for 2019 starts with our New 3D Strutting Turkey

Some of our customers asked if our wonderful looking and performing targets could come with replaceable centres

The factory listened to the request from archers and this is the first of our range that has been created with a removable / replaceable kill section,  the whole target is still made from our premium long lasting materials in our factories in Austria this could be one target that will outlast all others on the market

Unlike some other target manufacturers this is not a shallow insert for just the outer of the target, it is in 1 piece and goes from 1 side through to the other, it can take some punishment from all types of bow

And we promise that when we offer a target with replaceable centres that the insert will not make the target look like a jigsaw model of any animal but will look great, and we will always have spare centres available



Delivery within 3 working days

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 76 × 35 × 81 cm