Young Wild Boar 3D Field Archery Target (with video) (Copy)


Young Wild Boar

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IFAA + WA Group: 3
Scoring zone height: 16.5 cm
Score areas: 2
Size: L: 32″, H: 18.5″
Weight: 12.1 lb

Delivery within 15 working days

Gamut 3D is the proud exclusive distributor of LG Targets in the UK. The targets from LG, the company that we consider to be the best 3D archery targets manufacturer in Europe are all robust, incredibly realistic, superb high quality and are all competitively priced……LG Targets only use high quality materials to ensure a premium product which is characterized by natural appearance and longevity. The results are a Premium hand-made product with superb water resistant self-healing foam coupled with moulding by a Master Taxidermist ensures true life like appearance.

All targets meet and are approved by IFAA rules and regulations

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 82 × 48 cm