Gamut 3D  – Exclusive UK Distributor of Leitold/LG 3D Targets


Dan MelladayEquipment officer for Spirit of Sherwood – We have a wide range of 3ds from all different manufacturers and recently ordered some from Gamut. The Red Stag, Beaver, Eagle, Bedded Chamois and Sitting Boar. Firstly they all look stunning and incredibly life like, so far they have all been out at two of our open shoots, 200 archers for our summer shoot and 150 for our wooden arrow shoot, so far they all still look superb with very little marking to any of them. They represent excellent value and I will be purchasing more for our club soon. Thank you to Gamut.

Scott Dingley – Chairman Druids Field Archers – All of our LG targets from Gamut have held up well. The bison still looking its best, but it does take four of us to take it out of storage and set it up, (he is a big boy). More than happy with the service and delivery and will be looking at buying some of the repair liquid in the near future.

Bob Bruce – Whitefriars Bowmen – As a way of feedback I would like to say that our club is very pleased with the looks and performance of your targets (Tiger, Fallow Deer, Bedded doe, Capercaillie). We will certainly consider more from your range when next we are looking to increase our stock. Happy Customer

Barry Cheadle – The Gamut boar is excellent, extremely realistic and the rubber seems to seal up after it’s taken a hit, the company is also very helpful and nice to deal with!

We have a large selection at Butsfield in the North East where they stay out all year round, in all weather conditions (usually bad weather!), and they are the best targets we have used, without doubt. They have weathered extremely well and look close to brand new even though some have been in place well over a year (the club has over 100 members and we shoot all year round so they have taken plenty of hits from xbow, compund and trad). They are also well thought out, with the bigger targets generally having four poles (1 in each leg) rather than their legs being molded together and just the two poles, which makes them really stable. Gamut are also great to deal with, great service etc, never had any problems and coudn’t recommend them enough.

Lynne Hanson – We have several of their targets, not kept outside so cannot comment on the cold weather effects but I do know they ‘heal’ very well so I would suspect a lot less water ingress than some other makes. Very good value for money.

Michael Dews – they have performed well for us at pines park, they definitely got staying power. Not had them out all year round, we’ve had them out in bad weather and not had a problem with them soaking up water, can’t say about long term exposure though. We tend to buy group 3 size upwards now on all makes. Last longer for the money

Johnny Blade – I have two for personal use and they hold up very well

Mark Douglas – Gamuts are GOOD.

Cathy Kerr – Never left our LG/gamut targets out but they handle being shot at very well

Wight Company of Field Archers – We are a small traditional archery club on the Isle of Wight. The wood we are luckily enough to have use of is quite dense but fabulously varied in the amount of target settings we have. We prefer to use smaller, detailed targets and have found the range that Gamut have to be very well made, robust and arrow friendly and above all very competitively priced. As an ‘offshore’ club we are also delighted by the very reasonable postage charges and we always get great service from Gamut. We have now bought 9 or 10 (I lose count) targets from this company and we are very pleased with all of them.

Ray Whitehead – We currently have the Gorilla, medium Boar, walking Bear, Crocodile and most recently the Bear and Salmon and I can honestly say they are the best 3ds we’ve used so far. Our course is in the North East of England and the targets are permanently in place so they have been subjected to some pretty poor weather over the year they have been in place and they practically look brand new! The weather has had no impact what so ever as the foam itself is coloured rather than being sprayed. They also stand up to being shot really well as we have all types of bow class shooting at them and they do a good job of self healing. They are also really well thought out for fixing in place with the bigger targets having a pole in each leg rather than the front and back legs being together like lots of other targets out there. Lastly, the guys at Gamut are really good to deal with and offer great service so I can wholly recommended their targets

Nicholas Cox – We have had some Gamut 3Ds at Co60 for 12-24 months. We bought a couple as an experiment at the Nationals a couple of years ago and a follow up order later. They are stored between shoots so not left outside. Our experience of them has been extremely positive. They strike a good balance between stopping power and arrow removability and so far have no visible signs of wear at all after half a dozen large opens. We will definitely be buying some more as we turn over our target stock and replace the Elevens we bought a little earlier which are now falling to bits and soaking up water. I might add that we have had fantastic service from Gamut themselves – on one occasion driving up from the SW with a van to get our targets delivered in time for a shoot. I would say buy with confidence.

Paul Harrison – Excellent targets and customer service second to none. You won’t be disappointed.

Lynne Hanson – We have the gorilla, eagle & small fox, self healing foam is good & does actually heal really well considering the little fox is shot at short distance he’s been very good, starting to get pass thru’s now but you’d expect that from fast compounds after the amount of shots he had at him. Would certainly get more as service is excellent too

Michael Dews – Hi, we bought some of the smaller ones to try them, put one in our indoor venue to test durability and it lasted about four weeks longer than expected, it must have had over 1000 arrows shot at it. Not bad for a target that only cost £36. And before anyone says it i’ve only estimated the ones that hit it!!

Richard Wright – We wanted to review one of our targets, and share our thoughts with fellow clubs. As course layers, we often get in a huddle at shoots and discuss where, how much, and how good targets are with other course layers. We have tried most of the big names on the market, at least six brands, and have found Gamut 3D targets to be fantastic value for money. Last year we purchased 4 Gamut targets and put them out on our course. One year later, this crocodile has been through 4 competitions, a have a go we hosted with around 300 people, a zombie shoot where we tied a zombie dolls head to his mouth, and a full year of being shot every weekend by our club members, and he still looks brand new.

The targets come usually as a whole, rather than being shipped in parts or designed with replaceable sections. We prefer this as it makes them very strong. The targets are made very thick, so there isnt much chance of the kill wearing out much before the rest does. The legs usually all have pole holes, and are separate, making these targets very stable before even being pegged. They are well painted and designed, and the foam is very durable and self healing. We allow every bow type on our course and they have faired well. Gamut 3D targets are incredible value for money, and we would recommend them to anyone.

Baz Smithson – Well, last Sunday 100 archers enjoyed Black Arrow’s September open shoot, the 4 for 3 deal GAMUT targets stood up well to the onslaught! The service from Jay a few weeks ago was excellent, I would buy from GAMUT again. Maybe next August I will buy four more

Linda Sutherland – reviewed Gamut 3D – 6 – 3D animals arrived today…they are fabulous..Thank you for the excellent service, would highly recommend your company.

Lone Wolf Archers – With regard to how the 3D’s cope with our climate up here. Answer – very well. We have no complaints. Climate is fairly benign most of the time if a bit soggy this year. Extremes of heat and cold don’t occur and the fact that all the targets we have purchased are one piece has meant o need for glue to kept them together. It never worked anyway. We find your service excellent so far and postage costs very fair.

Gordon Monaghan – I be bought lots of targets from Gamut, the targets are brilliant and it’s the best I’ve ever been looked after, Jay and his whole family are Archers