Stock and Delivery

When you buy any of our massive range of 3D Targets, we will not send you an email apologising about delays, or that although we have your money your targets will be here in a few months

At Gamut 3D we only sell targets that we promise to deliver to you on time and just as described

All of the targets come with either 3 working day or 15 working day delivery time

Delivery times are within each target description  

Just having your 3D Targets that you order in stock is the ability to use the right courier or shipper for your order.

As everyone will recognise, 3D Targets come in all shapes and sizes, and differing couriers have different rules and prices

No one wants to spend more on carriage and postage than is necessary so at Gamut 3D we use a range of couriers we know which courier will carry each target or combination of targets quickly, safely and for the best value price

Some of the Delivery Companies we trust to deliver our 3D Targets to you