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Terms & Conditions for Gamut 3D

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Terms & Conditions for Gamut 3D

For the sake of clarity the following terms and descriptions will be followed throughout these Terms & Conditions

The Company is any business trading as Gamut 3D or any of its websites or trading channels outlined below, this may be referred to as “us” “we” or “I” or similar terms during these terms and conditions

The Customer is any person, business or organisation that places an order or requests any information on products or services from Gamut 3D (The Company), the customer may be referred to during these terms and conditions as “they” “you” “them” or similar

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales who hold jurisdiction for all transactions undertaken by the company

These Terms & Conditions apply to all of the following, Gamut 3D, theirs subsidiaries and their marketing and sales websites, www.3dtargets.co.uk www.Gamut3D.co.uk www.Gamut3D.com, also any direct or indirect marketing carried out by Gamut3D under any trade name or business owned by Gamut 3D

The places of business that are eligible for these Terms and conditions to be in effect are any website, display or trade show that Gamut 3D may attend during the course of its business

Gamut 3D wish that all of our customers receive the highest standard of customer care and are happy with their purchases, therefore we believe that these Terms and Conditions are comprehensive and fair to our customers, if in any doubt please contact us prior to placing an order so that we can clarify what terms and conditions you are not clear on

Legal Issues

Gamut 3D is a trading name of Jonathan Boulton, whose registered place of business is at 14 Dudley Road, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 1RX, this is the only address that any notices may be delivered, proof of posting of any notice or correspondence to the company will not be taken as proof of receipt unless the correspondence is sent by a service that requires a signature, and that signature must be of the proprietor

Whilst the company takes every care to ensure that it trades correctly and within the law and any guidelines issued by any relevant legal body such as Trading Standards, in the event of any change to our products or service, we will immediately alter any description or terms and conditions to apply to our services to maintain our integrity

For online purchases inside our trading areas the company is bound by the Distant Selling Regulations in place at the time of the order being placed by the customer and accepted by the company, these regulations only refer to orders placed online and by telephone, and not to orders or sales made during trade shows or displays where the customer is present at the time of the order


The company works to meet our commitment to successfully meeting our promises on delivery and completing orders to the satisfaction of the customer

Should at any time we encounter circumstances beyond our control, such as delays caused by weather, industrial action or similar problems then we will immediately contact the customer who will have the option of continuing the order, and accepting the delay, or they will be given the option of cancelling the order at the customers discretion, where cancellation is chosen by the customer then the company will make a full and immediate refund of any monies paid to the company for that order, this refund will be on a like for like basis, i.e. cash will be refunded in cash, PayPal payments will be credited to the PayPal account that the original payment was made from, for payments made by cheque then the refund cheque will only be posted back to the customer at the original address on the order, and the cheque made out in the same name as the original purchaser

Where the order is cancelled by the customer while the consignment has left our premises, but prior to being received at the customers address (a not acceptable reason is missed deliveries where our courier has tried to leave a delivery but has found no one at the delivery address) then the client is responsible for agreeing collection of the shipment with the company and for ensuring safe storage of the targets prior to collection


Delivery times are quoted at a “maximum” of 10 working days, this excludes public holidays and weekends, the company strive to deliver all targets well within that stated time scale, and this 10 days allows us some flexibility for various reasons such as the sales staff or/ and admin staff being away during the week attending trade shows or field shoots. For our very large targets or very large orders that require to be packaged on a pallet, it is usual that deliveries of this type take a few more days than our usual couriers. We always use reputable courier companies such as ParcelForce, Yodel DHL or similar companies, all targets that fall inside the scope of what these couriers carry as parcels will be sent on the best available 48 hour service. We will inform the customer of date of sending and provide a tracking number by email for their parcel once the parcel has been collected by the courier or pallet delivery company

Where a delivery is being made by pallet services the pallet is delivered by a lorry with a tail lift and pallet truck, it is contracted that the delivery is made once the pallet has been delivered at the address and while all of our drivers will be helpful, it is not their job to take any pallet inside any building or storage facility

It is usual that for pallet deliveries that the haulier will contact the customer prior to delivery, this is to agree a time slot for delivery, this saves wasted journeys, time and money, should the customer fail to be at the agreed address at the agreed time then they will be responsible for any second delivery costs made by the haulier

Title of Goods

The title of goods passes from the company to the customer once payment has been made in full and the delivery company or delivery method used receives a signature from the customer or their agent

It is the responsibility of the customer to check any delivery from the company for any signs of damage and being complete as per the invoice or delivery information sent to them by the company via email that all is correct with the delivery before signing for the delivery, if any target has been damaged or any order has not been delivered as shown then the delivery agents note has to be signed to that effect, and contact immediately made with the company so that enquiries can be made regarding that shipment, it would help the company if a fully detailed description of any damage or discrepancy, it would also assist the company in resolving any problem if the customer could take digital pictures of the problem

Promotions and special offers

Promotions and special offers may from time to time be offered by the company for any reason, this may take the form of discounts offered, free shipping, coupons or any other means decided by the company

These offers may be started and withdrawn without notice unless a final date is posted on our websites, when the offer will close at midnight on that date

All goods offered on any promotion will be new and unused, except when it is clearly shown on the promotional details that the target being offered may have a problem area such as being slightly damaged or used for a demonstration, in this case where such damage is shown then these special offers will not fall within the scope of the Distance Selling Regulations and no refund will be given. It is the customers decision to purchase any goods that fall within this category and to make sure that the goods offered will be suitable for their use prior to ordering

Quality of Targets

All targets are moulded to the highest quality and quality control at the factory is renowned as being of the best in the industry, due to slight variations in the moulding process there may be very slight colour variations between the pictures of the target shown online or in a printed form and the target delivered, these will be minimal and targets may not be returned for this reason

Due to the limitations of computer equipment being used at the customers order point it is acceptable that we have no control over the colour or quality of the pictures that you may view of the targets online, and you accept that small variations may be shown when the target arrives at your premises

Printed pictures of our targets may also suffer from slight colour variations due to normal limitations of the printing process, again these will be minimal and the customer accepts this fact

It is normal for any target from any manufacturer that small bubbles or surface distortions may be found on the surface of a target, all targets are inspected and photographed before despatch to the customer and these will be minimal and acceptable quality targets that leave our premises


The company works hard to maintain its level of customer care, but if you are unhappy with either our product or the way that we have treated you as a customer we welcome feedback, it is the customers duty to bring any points of concern to the knowledge of the company

All disputes or comments are taken seriously and all will be thoroughly investigated, we hope to the satisfaction of both the company and the customer

Where this is not possible then the parties will appoint a suitably qualified person to act as arbiter and both parties accept their decision